Number uno

Well well well, look who is starting a blog, I am. duh. It’s about 3:15 in the morning and I am watching some and if you don’t know what that is, and enjoy being a voyeur, I suggest you check it out. (no, it’s not porn you creep) Anyways, I started this for several reasons, and the second reason is so that my brother doesn’t have to keep hearing me talk about movies and shit all day, but also because I think (I try not to think too much) that I have some really good view points on movies, which is what I will mostly be talking about, but you already knew that because you read my “About You” section, right? RIGHT?!?! It’s okay if you didn’t, I probably wouldn’t read it either. The reason I choose to mostly talk about movies is because I am a film school drop out, I wont give you the name of the school so I can save them the embarrassment, and while I was at the aforementioned film school I learned a lot there, I mean A LOT. I look at movies in a whole different way now, I am very critical when watching one and I tend to ask a lot of questions, but I don’t wanna go into grave detail cause then there would be really nothing for me to talk about. I will be seeing Iron Man 3 this Saturday (trust me, I haven’t gotten to the fact that I love comic books, which I will talk about too) I know it comes out Friday and I should go to the midnight screening but I hate watching movies in a crowded theatre for two main reason:

  1. People clap after movies (which is number one for a reason)
  2. When people bring children/babies to theaters.

I wanna elaborate on the second one, its only ok to bring kids to the theatre when you’re taking them to see Shrek the 8th, not when you take them to see Evil-FUCKING-Dead (which I enjoyed and might talk about) and also I am cheap and saturday morning matinees are only $4.50. Ok, I’m gonna call it, it’s getting late and my eyes are getting heavy, almost as heavy as ……..I don’t know, I was trying to come up with something witty but I couldn’t.


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