Number tres

Today was supposed to be an easy day at school. I only have two classes today and a bunch of classmates and I are going to this mixer thing for our professional development class. I say easy day because I decided not to bring my backpack due to the fact that I will be downtown all day and will be going to this mixer so the less I have to carry the better and it’s a heavy backpack what with my laptop, 2 regular school notebooks, a few hardcover notebooks, laptop charger, oodles of pens, binder clips, and all the other things I forget are in my backpack.

When I got to the train station I was ready to go, looked for my headphones and could not find them anywhere. I checked my car, checked the drink holders, all my pockets; pants pockets, shirt pockets, sweater pockets and nada. I was furious with myself because I had gone through the mental checklist while in the garage, before leaving and made sure I had everything I needed. Except for my headphones. I thought about picking up a pair when I go to class, checked for the nearest Best Buy but it was too far out of the way. Luckily there’s a Target near my school and as a red card member, it was my best bet. I would buy a cheap pair of headphones and return them tomorrow after work. (I work at Best Buy and there’s a Target like right there.)

Sitting in the train, listening to people instead of music, gave me time to think if I even need headphones. I did bring a small book that fit in my front shirt pocket so I have that, I also have my phone which gives me endless things to do if I’m bored and I was already running late for class. Didn’t end up buying the headphones. I am hungry though so I’ll have to see what I’m gonna get to eat. Then just read or whatever till I have to go to the mixer.

Since the entire class is going I’m not as nervous as I thought I’d be. And since there’s going to be alcohol there, I’m sure my nerves will cease to exist as soon as I get one and only one drink. I know, I know that’s what they all say but I don’t drink as much as I used to, regardless of what my neck tattoo says. I’ll drink if I’m at a party or maybe a mixer but I’ll rarely go out of my way to buy alcohol, I’m more of a weed guy. Last time I remember drinking was when my ex broke my heart. That’s a whole other story that I can maybe get into in a future blog post.