No title came to mind.

Tobe is watching Deadpool 2, the scene where Wade sees Vanessa one last time before she makes him go back.

Suddenly, a wild Kat appears out of thin air. Tobe turns to look. Slight surprise is all we get from him.

“What? It’s fine you’re crazy, it’s fine.” She casually plops down on his bed. There’s a lot of space between the two.

“You’re not supposed to tell someone they’re crazy, the fuck is wrong with you.” Tobe scolds her.

“Well luckily for me I do not exist. I mean, sheeeee exists sure…” as she runs her hands all over her body. “…that’s why I look like her but me, personally, I do not exist, Friend-o.”

Tobe takes her point.

He waits.

She waits then smiles.

“I’m not gonna ask you why you’re here, I really don’t care, I’m just surprised is all.” His eyes already back to the scene at hand.

“See who? Me or her?” She waits for an answer. Tobe has not taken his eyes off the movie. She realizes it and ups the ante by moving closer to him, close enough to where she rests her head in his lap.

He doesn’t even flinch. 

For a while they just sit there enjoying Wade and Vanessa’s embrace.

Tobe can only bite his tongue for so long, finally he gives in. “How come I can feel you?”

All he gets is a scoff for his troubles.

“I really like this scene.”


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