Squirrel Watch #1

Had six squirrels in the backyard this morning. At once. I’ve been feeding them whole-shelled nuts & they absolutely adore them. I counted again just to make sure I didn’t miss one. Yup, definitely six. It may not sound like a lot, but when you actually see them, all looking at you, it’s kinda eerie. Since I had already fed most of them (I lost track of which ones I had fed and which ones I hadn’t) I just watched them, followed them around in the backyard & took some photos.

Eventually most of them dispersed & I was left with two squirrels; a dirty, scrawny looking one with some big ol’ ears & a plump, cleaner looking chubby chub of a squirrel. They were just hanging out on top of the wooden fence. I had my pen with and decided to click it rapidly to see what kind of reaction I’d get. When I call them, I click my tongue in rapid succession, it gets most squirrel’s attention & I’ve even had some come close to me. Unfortunately the pen did not have the same effect as me clicking my tongue.

The scrawny one scurried up the telephone pole & even before he get to the top, I could already hear him squawking at me. I felt bad that I had scared the little dude. I know animals can’t fully understand us, but that didn’t stop me from trying to apologize, I did. A lot.

Just checked and I think he left, but the chubby chub of a squirrel, she’s still outside the door.


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