About Me

Javier Navarrete

I need to tell compelling stories. Most times about characters who start out as one person and end up as someone completely different. I am enamored with that contrast. It stems from two things: My own personal growth and my love for wrestling. What movies do in a couple hours with characters, wrestling does over the span of a career. I tell these stories from completely different perspectives; like the daughter of a dangerous Mexican drug lord, a devoutly religious girl dealing with an incestual pregenancy, or even someone in the very early stages of a debilitating disease who continues to wrestle through spite. 

I also want to try new ideas, I have never heard of a wrestling musical so I decided to make that my thesis. I don’t know if it’s gonna work, but I have full confidence it will be something different.

Anything that has to do with words I wanna be a part of. Looking over copy, editing copy.